Welcome to my place I am known as Devin "Midnight" Lynx. Not my Real name of course but a persona I developed since high school. She is also a character that I like to write about in my stories.
~I am a married bisexual woman. My husband and I are currently in what is “classified” as an Open marriage. I have an obsession with men and women.
~I work in retail which strangely at the moment is very satisfying but that is my day job I consider myself an artist.
~I have many Hobbies: Knitting, crocheting, sewing, I make jewelry, I like to write and I am currently working on a novel. Not sure yet if I will ever want it published time will tell.
~This is a place that I deemed a safe place to put down my personal stuff, share the music, pictures and quotes that inspire, drag me down and touch me in ways I could never imagine.

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